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6. Thank you as well for the werewolves Sora and Roxas HCs, and the same gender Soulmate AU for Sora, Riku and Kairi!! You're a great writer!! I hope you're fine and healthy, and that you have a good day week and month!! Headcanons: RFA + Saeran + V reacting to Vampire!MC. Driving headcanon This could go one of two ways, uno is actually a pretty good driver and pays attention to the road and tries not to disobey the driving rules, that or he’s one of those drivers where he looks into his mirrors to much and have them facing his direction, honestly either is good. Kinky Meme: J-Hope; Other: J-Hope x Reader: sunny days. " He vampire!chanyeol + his mum sex with vampire!chanyeol vampire!chanyeol and witch!seungwan + starting a band dating vampire!kyungsoo vampire!jongdae + parenting sex with witch!yifan sex with vampire!chanyeol. Witch!AU Hogwarts!AU High School!AU College!AU Superpowers!AU Soulmate!AU Supernatural!AU Coffeeshop!AU Sugar Mommy!AU Vampire!AU Fake Texts MTL Headcanons Pet names for his SO (headcanon) (fluff) Vampire AU: Halloween with his SO (scenario) (fluff) Failed sexting attempt (scenario) (fluff) Prompt: “The heart wants what it wants. o being pissy bc of Zoom; Marceline Vampire!s. Scenarios: Jungkook. AUs that, as opposed to Comedic AUs, actually hold a serious story and such. Supernatural. Self-insert. 24. How would Kite, Morel, and Pariston act around their crush. He will grab the other and make the low on paint Ink dance with him, and Ink would go along robotically with a blank expression. café au vampyre – ikemen vampire. Au. this is a very good vampire design au. Lycanthropes vs. REDAMANCY — ☀︎ ↳ st. EPICNESSQUEEN. Harry Potter. RFA + Saeran + V + Vanderwood react to an alcoholic MC. Of Pregnancy and Cravings. o (+ Hawks , + Dabi ) Cat Valentine!s. The horsemen vampire/Dracula yandere AU: the horsemen had a poly relationship with a human women but she died long ago and centuries pass and as the Dracula storyline goes, they meet a human woman who is the reincarnation of their lost love and~ you know how that yandere song and dance goes AU one shot. • A better way to explain the add-ons would be AU types, like a Highschool AU or a Vampire AU This concludes the rules of requesting Next » Rules For Requesting Yandere Types “Sharing” A s/o “Sharing” A s/o 1ps And Their 2ps Quick Question The 1ps & 2ps As The Seven Deadly Si Jun 13, 2020 · AU Headcanons. Charlotte Brûlée. Headcanons: Seventeen’s Kids. (yet another vore fic) I’m interested in Twilight fanfiction that’s pretty close to canon information - nothing AU. Shameless. See more ideas about Hetalia, Komiksy, Wattpad. yoongi), angst ↳ chapter index . Just a friendly reminder; we’ll be accepting headcanons all throughout tomorrow! a concept: zukaang vampire!AU where aang is the vampire. r/catradora: A fan-supported community dedicated to Catradora (Catra X Adora) from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Failure. Because of the outpouring of enthusiasm from those who voted for prompt/trope preferences and dates, we’ve made the decision to add a few more days onto the event so we could include as much of the good stuff as possible. Jul 28, 2017 · In the AU, each card suite is a kingdom with a King, Queen, and Jack. Mandatory Karaoke Night (LoV) Reaction to a stray/pet (LoV) + Yandere! Headcanons & Kidnapping - TW (LoV) Relationship Availability Analysis (LoV) S/O with an exploding quirk (LOV The clans are the major vampire lineages that comprise vampiric society. J-Hope x Reader: the sunshine may burn. Archive; RSS; 48 notes. ;;; (Also feel free to tag my-selfship-days as they helped me with the au lol) A compilation of all @captainkippen‘s Andi Mack fics AO3 Chaptered Completed Best Laid Plans • (10/10) • Faking Dating AU Speaking In Cursive • (8/8) • High School AU 1986 • (12/12) • 1980s AU In Shitty Vampire Headcanon Series - Masterlist; Shitty College Headcanon Series - Masterlist; One shots (also requested): Jumin x Reader: a helping hand. 26. Aftermath Headcanons (everyone lives AU) Narancia Ghirga . Taehyung/V. You can request AU headcanons! Vampire! Chrollo headcanons with s/o. Here are 10 of the wildest that everyone decided are probably about Supernatural. Knuckle, Morel, and Kite relationship Headcanons . Body Swap Headcanons . 2 years ago 70N . Headcanon/Stories Master List. Be More Chill Actor AU Headcanons -Jeremy Heere is originally a British actor that only worked in small projects until he was hired to work on the American Be More Chill project -Be More Chill is based on a popular Young Adult novel and Jeremy was the right combination of dorky yet charming (Supernatural/Soulmate au) Originally posted by godofdeath707 *GIF not mine* Summary: How do normal people react when they get kidnapped by a vampire and a wizard claiming to be their soulmates? Because you try to choke them out with their own breakfasts. More headcanons for the VAMP LAMP AU Logan and Patton are both autistic and Logan uses hearing aids Roman and Remus have ADHD and fae blood, as well as a fairy godmother Virgil makes deadpan jokes about being a vampire all the time and Remy thinks he's just being edgy and humors him Vampire!Levi || HEADCANONS • He’s one of the oldest vampires in existence. 20, containing links to mastertags, ao3 stories, and status information. purple lilacs — flowershop!au fluff at-home trash heap battle — badboy!kuroo ; bigbro!daichi two crows, a cat, and an ostrich — badboy!kuroo ; bigbro!daichi angst happy birthday to our sparkling light! i hope you have a magical day today! i hope it is filled with happiness and love, and i hope you get to make wonderful memories with the people who are dear to you. mc taking charge (napoleon, arthur, & theo) headcanons. Sorry if I'm bugging you with my comments, I'm usually pretty quiet but I figured your art was amazing but your comment boxes were pretty empty '^' I don't like seeing cool stuff with nobody saying it 300 years of solitude can do a lot to a guy. To my great shame lol, I did write 2 short Liam x MC fics. Bodyguards AU; General Headcanons Arno Dorian Depressed Reader Connor Kenway Relationship Headcanons Edward Kenway The Ship Thing Ezio Auditore Relationship Headcanons Jacob Frye Depressed Reader Reader has a Panic Attack Relationship Headcanons Imagines Connor Kenway 1 Evie Frye 1 Jacob Frye 1 2 Multi-Chapter Vampires and Assassins 1 Vampires and Assassins 2 Vampires and Assassins 3 Vampires and Assassins 4 One Linked universe Headcanon. Other Groups And People. My Fic. telling his s. Tyrian’s gonna be a were-scorpion, ya’ll. Sugar Daddy AU no one asked for. Headcanons a/n: here are all of my imagines and headcanons, up to this point. Beach day with the RFA Headcanons don’t have to be “canon” because it literally says in the name that they are canon in your head. Goatalicious and I on who has the dorkiest laugh. Headcanon: Doing Macaroni Art. It’s The End, Zombie!AU. Turn towards the sun by Ariaste - the plot is based on the Kushiel books (which I have never heard about before so you don’t need to know them before reading the fic) and it is based on a nsfw concept but also the only actual nsfw scene is at the end? Alucard's Home for Half-Vampire Children - Chapter 1 - seraph_writes - Castlevania (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own] The 7th Chapter is here! I don’t know if any of y’all know this, but I’ve been working on this fic for like, ever. Please send us any and all headcanons you have for Cardverse! Reference: one two. o (+ Hawks ) soft bed sharing cuddles s. But deep within the country's rain forests, some dark practices humanstuck au headcanons aradia is half italian, half black, with olive toned, light brown skin and dark brown eyes. December 4, 2017. I Want To Kiss You - Fluff > Reactions : To You Being Insecure > Series : < Yeri : To all the girls i’ve loved before Masterlist > Most to least : Nothing yet > Fake texts : Nothing yet > Headcanons : Vampire! Irene. Questions on the World of Claymore. Wedding/Honeymoon with Seungcheol. seijoh, oikawa, haikyuu. (vampire!AU) V x Reader: for your safety. 34pm, on 15/02/17, with 101 notes. Drabbles / One-shots-Rose becoming obsessed with a fan after meeting them at a fanmeet | Part 2 ↳ vampire!AU ☇ o n e s h o t s. I don’t even know where I’m going with the fic at all. Broken. However, I’m wracking my brain in who should be the furry-I mean, werewolf in this AU. - And I'll also write smut (will be posted on A03 instead though). Every year for her birthday, her and Bad make a homemade cake. Vampires vs. Jul 14, 2019 - Villains haven't been seen in a long time. I Don’t Get Jealous-coming soon. While not directly expressed in-canon, these ideas can be generally accepted by the fandom. Vampire! Yerim. GUILTY AS CHARGED — ↳ FBI-Agent!AU ♔ KIM SEOKJIN ☇ d r a b b l e s LOUDER — ↳ slice of life, established relationship ☇ o n e s h o t s . Reader is feeling blue/Elijah cheers them up. - I'll also do AU's. Jumin x Reader: a solution. jeremiah (vampire) a genius inventor, scientist & engineer. . Hey guys . Word count: 3. BTS As Your Vampire Boyfriends. o his past, headcanons cheering up his depressed darling super supportive, mom™️ s. Blog Tools. Human!Kamilah and MC winter headcanons —- These are all Kamilah x MC. Anonymous: this isn’t a question but it’s crazy to see you! i read your books on wattpad and i remember you saying that you were gonna move platforms and i haven’t seen you since! it’s really nice to see you again! i’ve always loved your books and your writings. Light Yagami: (questioning gender identity) + Demisexual / Asexual. Hormones. Feb 12, 2019 · Yes, he was an innocent murder victim, but he was also a lot more than that. And something that’s genuine to the characters. If the discussion changes tone halfway through then the other content (such as nsfw or angst) will be hidden under a cut so it’s possible to read parts of an au and still avoid that content if you wish. Music Related Headcanons. Scenario: Your Wisdom Teeth Are Removed. First short s. valentine’s day!AU, slice of life, established relationsihp List of the latest vampire TV series in 2019 on tv and the best vampire TV series of 2018 & the 2010's. Kinky Feitan headcanons . Jan 31, 2020 · Supernatural: 10 Fanfiction Headcanons That Became Widely Accepted By The Fandom. *Credit to Luka / @onlorakeetwings for the schedule graphics You voted, and we heard you! The prompts and dates for BokuAka Week have been finalized. #ninjago #ninjago spooky au #ninjago zane #Ninjago cole #Ninjago Kai #Ninjago Jay #ninjago lloyd #Vampire!Kai #werewolf!Zane #Frankenstein!Jay #Undead!Cole #Skeleton!Lloyd #A Step Towards My Full Potential (My Art) #Spooky AU #Sharp as ice yet elegant as snow (Zane) Headcanon that Jon and Tord had DA accounts, Jon made Sparkledog ocs and tord just posted his art and the 2 actually watched each other without knowing it nice this is pretty cute tbh also I just googled what sparkle dogs are and rip my eyes lmao tord other characters eddsworld eddsworld tord eddsworld jon misc. o patching up his wound dressing in his clothes to impersonate him; character songs; s. Remember those headcanons we wrote a while back about Godbrand’s horde of bastard children being raised by The plot is basically that Bella is already a vampire and the Denali coven found her, they call up the Cullins to help out because Bella won’t respond to them and is very isolated. Vampire!Bakugou Katsuki. Know what we need to talk about? Crest Beast!Dedue and Human!Dimitri having all of the little half-crestbeastie babies! I think that the babies can actually change form at will, and are more or less indistinguishable from humans in their human forms, aside from a few oddities. Movies: (Any) X-Men (Any) Avengers (Any) Captain America The Salarry Vampire AU that we don’t want but need This is low key trash HAHAHAH but uhhh if u wanna role play or give more headcanons about this AU then feel V vampire AU part 2 - NS/FW; V vampire AU part 1; Reader trying to seduce V for the first time - slight NS/FW; V and birthday sex on his S/O’s birthday - NS/FW “We’re supposed to be working. Sometimes Fresh would put blank Ink in a dress too, but like, really monotone ones, and drag him around an AU. Special Girl (Mute AU!) Normal (Vampire AU!) How Many Times The Wheel Turns (King AU!) Fever. Vampire!AU. Sure, disagree on hcs all you want but it’s hard for a hc to be flat out wrong. They show up and take her to Forks and show her the ropes and whatnot and her and Edward slowly start developing feelings. Trish Una. Because we're suckers for good thrillers and . More vampire writing prompts - Don't just go with the vampire teen romance cliche soulmate au's Imagine someone's sick of their soulmate's eye color when they meet them  25 Mar 2019 blood-lustsummary: a headcanon of what each boy would be like as a vampire word count: 1k words rating: mature - mentions of death, sex  16 Nov 2019 Ikemen Vampire Scenarios & AU's is on my way and maintaining my GPA is important TT but I could be posting shorts headcanons soon! 9 Mar 2018 He visits it every year on the anniversary of their death, claiming that he'll eventually get his vengeance. the arcana fics masterpost ziah fics 🌸 asra fics 🍋 = nsfw // 🌻 = sfw // 🍦 = mix all arcana things // all ziah things // all asra things // all nadia things nadia fic. Nearby is an open tomb so drop down and kill the kikimores here. I think a lot of people forget that when it comes to Hetalia especially. Hello My Sexy Readers, this is my blog where I will post things about like and my, Yandere Oneshots, Headcanons, and Scenarios I hope you All Enjoy and Stay Sexy~ (FANDOMS I WRITE FOR: Overwatch, Marvel, DC, Team Fortress 2, Dream Daddy, Slashers, Disney/Pixar, Resident Evil 7, Resident Eil 2 (The Remake), Outlast (All Three), Borderlands, Danganronpa, Dead Before Daylight From October 1959 to March 1960, Vampire exercised with Australian and New Zealand naval units off the east coast of Australia and in the Tasman Sea. ☁ Attack on Titan Armin An at Home First Date Headcanons Armin with S/O’s Friends/Movie Night Watching a Movie with his S/O Levi NSFW Headcanons The Ballad Of A Robin, Vampire!Akashi x Human!Midorima, Reincarnation!Au. they’re one of my favorites. Sakura Haruno: Bisexual Dec 21, 2019 · Vampire legends in 16th-century Germany differed somewhat from more familiar stories about the dead rising. Jin never had a choice. Please review Guidelines and FAQ before submitting or sending in a question. before sending in an ask about any of these fics, please read my FAQ page! ohohohhhooo vampire au ;-))) vampire!suho. detailed headcanons and extensive fanon to prove they’re gay, meanwhile you have women Thank you a lot for all your Ephemera x shy male S/O headcanons ;; They're so beautiful, lovely and cute. However, Lucy's Dam was near pureblood so Lucy's close enough to the source to be able to turn Natsu. Serious. For a fact, I’ve got endless vampire!AU themes inspirations, seven is definitely not enough to put together all I can think of, therefore feel free to ask for other ideas for these members! Jin. Headcanons - Klaus reacts to the reader getting hurt. I have been in hell for almost 7 years now. Rena Werewolf AU Heejin Pokemon Trainer AU Olivia Hye and Vampire Hunter Reader. I wonder how Connie turned into a vampire and wonder how this affects their friendship. Tinted Lips Masterpost < Part 5 A blog dedicated to all your AU and headcanon needs! Please send AUs, fanfics, and headcanons only through the submission box, and remember to read over the About & Rules, as well as the Submission Guidelines. Warning: Cursing, Mentions Of Blood, Suggestive Themes ~~~~~ × Modern! Au × vampire vampires vampire au vampire headcanons; meanestbeanest liked this . Yesung or Kyunhyun: Fluffy Smut. Technically, this makes her Natsu's Dam, but they're not entirely aware of that fact so Lucy has never used the power she would have over him. Yoosung’s favourite type of blood. Troid vampire au headcanons? Im going to be real for a second but i had to ask for help on this cause my brain was so bleh, so thank @incorrectnanbaka for these: -Since Trois already has a fair complexion, he’ll only be a little bit paler, and it’s a bit hard at first glance to tell that he is actually a vampire, since he already has red Headcanons: Author AU. G. 22 May 2019 A list of Korean dramas about vampires. Just because an AU has a serious tone does not mean that it must be serious all the time, just most a blog to submit all your headcanons about the lisa games! check our about page for info before you submit. Vampire!Billy. • He’s been around for a very, very long period of time. 5 High School and College AU's. Adult Trio, Feitan, Phinks, and Shalnark. Like. Shindong Headcanons: First Time. demon!au demon!baekhyun + jealousy some demon!baekhyun x angel!yixing headcanons demon!baekhyun + parenting Sypha is a historian Still wears blue baggy clothes A cute badass nerd (universally true) Has ten bookshelves but still needs more Three diplomas, one for languages, medical and the last history can still use magic Is useful because sometimes on archarcheology digs they activate a curse or trap by accident In spare time runs small mobile hospital Is done with Trevor's shit, but also concconcer Headcanons: Yandere Alphabet ; Vampire Headcanons; Cuddly Headcanons; If you were Jungkook’s wife… If you were V’s wife… If you were Jimin’s wife… NSFW: V x Reader: in the end, it was always about you. Stories: Monster Exophilia - Long Parts Male Incubus (Adrian) Male Rakshasa (Aleksandr), Part 2 / Part 3 [NSFW] Female Wendigo (Amara) She-wolf Werewolf (Antonia) x female human reader Modern Everyone was drawing Klance vampire!au, so I joined the bandwagon too Set in the Victorian Era, because I’m a sucker for old fashioned vampires <3 (various refs used) Matt got to keep his vampire cloak, an normally wears it as a robe or to scare the others me if I had a cloak I love this though matt misc. This blog will have 18+ content on it. vampire au tag (this is an everything tag, expect vampire posts, asks, snippets, chapters, etc) _____ chapter one . ” (scenario) (fluff) When he finds out about his classmate’s home life (headcanon) (hurt/comfort) (TW: abuse) Detroit: Become Human AU (scenario) (fluff) ikemen vampire. He only finds this out when it is shown that Phyrrha's Ghost has possesed Cinder. Dec 04, 2017 · Headcanons & AUs. They’re absolute bitches and never miss an opportunity to drag someone, sending each other into fits of laughter. ” For these headcanons, we’re going to assume that Alice has escaped an ambush where she has been injured. joonmyun would be part of the purest of bloodlines among the families of the vampires; his father would almost be like a king which means vampire prince joonmyun yoooooo bookerbluedragon said: I headcanon that Susie grew up near the Mexican boarder in a predominantly Spanish speaking town, & I just want to see her call Allison 'angel'. summary: Roman, as the lead monster hunter, knew that he was setting himself up for a life of long days and longer nights. pls do. Vampire RFA with vampire hunter MC. Shiro did ask to be a Watcher but he’s seriously regretting it now. Headcanons: The Bros +more as Cats. she’s tall, about Jul 3, 2016 - Headcannon that Japan has PTSD from the Nanking Massacre. BTS. The tone of AUs. Headcanon: You’re Injured by a Daemon. Two Birds of a Feather 1 | 2. authors write the main characters into other fictional universes, such as The Vampire Diaries, Doctor Who and Sherlock. Hyuna Scenario: Being Dommed By Her 2019-12-14 - Explore pocoinaco12's board "Hetalia - Australia" on Pinterest. In fact, due to their interest in human blood and bloodborne pathogens, the vampire community was among the first to fund medical research to study and search for a cure for HIV. Oct 26, 2018 retailers/sade adeyina. So, if you think about it, Mac is the jock of the Heathers. But the leaders seem a little more focused towards petty battles. how Broye would act around Brûlée’s children- headcanon. orz But the world-building actually got pretty extensive, it’s a shame to waste it. When you held her there even while her white blouse was stained red, she knew that you weren’t going to leave her. Thank you! Headcanons. I love you for doing this for me! Masterlist. Lance is a vampire hunter. Aftermath Headcanons (everyone lives AU) Ghiaccio An alternate take on Your vampire hunter AU: Jaune is a paladin, and is married to Cinder, a pyromancer, unaware of her involvement in the death of his best friend/girlfriend Phyrra years prior due to a training accident. Any form of media is accepted: fics, art, headcanons, explanations of character dynamics, etc. SO loses their fight during the sports festival tournament and after that Todoroki has to fight against his SO’s opponent for his next match headcanons ml au ml crossover yj au yj crossover superboy Connor kent yj superboy ml x yj young justice crossover young justice au miraculous au miraculous crossover Lila salt au marinette Marinette au Aaron Dupain-Cheng marinette dupain cheng sabine cheng tom dupain ml marinette miraculous ladybug young justice yj season 1 young justice season 1 ml x dc I love seeing people’s picrew art styles because you can just look at them and be like “You read homestuck and it was a big part of your life for a few years, you’re not into steven universe but you did watch it, and you had an intense black butler phase in middle school and doodled their eyes over and over again in your spiral notebooks” AU where Brûlée dies and her sister Broyé takes her place- scenario. Mar 10, 2019 · Hetalia (London) Headcanons London has generalized anxiety and calls his depression a black dog that follows him everywhere he goes. What Color Would Svt Paint Their Room? Seventeen as Greek Titans. Character A works for an orphanage in the mountains that takes in “abandoned” vampires – meaning they didn’t have a sire/group of experienced vampires to teach them – and teaches them how to function in society. carve monsters into bone, and raise them on blood. I will do smut and fluff! 6. These include headcanons, extensions, and flat out new ideas. vampire!au vampire au vampire!jean vampire jean aot snk jean kirstein Jean Kirschstein attack on titan shingeki no kyojin vampire!au hcs vampire au hcs hcs headcanons 39 notes Mar 18th, 2018 Oct 29, 2019 · I just had the headcanon that Sebastian and MC does not only talk about the residents of the mansion but also their lives being both Japanese travelling the world for their passion. After visiting New Zealand she returned to Sydney in March 1960 and in June proceeded to Singapore for service in the Strategic Reserve. The name's Jack Frost, and I'm a Vampire. Because true love lasts as long as Damon Salvatore. Jul 29, 2018 · Welcome To Hell - Horror, Vampire! AU < Joy : Joy Imagines < Yeri : Yeri Imagines. AU Tones. Anyway I literally threw up all over my dad’s bathroom so. Nothing Serious (Doctor AU!) Four Attempts (Doctor AU!) Check-Up (Doctor AU!) Just Hair. La Cage au Fou is a main quest in the Blood and Wine expansion. May 28, 2020 · No problem. ecco skilled acrobat & circus performer Jan 24, 2019 · The Bond (Vampire AU) Rough. o Vanilla Bean - Vampire!AU; Vanilla bean ice cream is boring and so is Twilight so why do you insist on going back to both? Just Another Day - follow up to “Valentine’s Day”, part of my Valentine’s Day series. get yandere!subaru sakamaki from diabolik lovers headcanons? See more ideas about Hetalia headcanons, Headcanon, Hetalia. He was the agency’s last resort when peace treaties and compromises didn’t work, so when things finally reached him and the other hunters, the situation was, typically, pretty bad. Head to Mère-Lachaiselongue Cemetery and try the only door to the crypt, but Regis isn't answering so you must find another way in. Admin Lee. So feel free to drop by and let us chat for a moment ♪. Problematic Dog. Headcanons are things an individual believes about a series. This diary entry actually supports my headcannon, since nightmares/insomnia, guilt, and loneliness are all common symptoms. But that also raises the question, what if she did a more traditionally sporty activity? Series. Midoriya's life is great, until one fateful day when he is attacked by a mys — MY STAR WARS MASTERLIST — here’s my updated version of this star wars masterlist, up to date as of 1. Haikyuu!! Vampire AU Awww thank you! I’m glad you are enjoying it since I like writing and drawing for it. Headcanons. Headcanons: Relationship headcanons. Trevor comes from a family with old money. Oct 26, 2018 · 12 Gifts All "The Vampire Diaries" Stans Will Appreciate Now and Forever. J-Hope x Reader: yours to enjoy. Headcanons for reader being YJ-Version of Wolfsbane (YJ x Reader/ Platonic) Headcanons for Blue Beetle Crushing on a Team-Mate With Super-Strength; Headcanons for being John Constantine’s Daughter; Robin x Klarion’s Older Sister Reader; Jaime Reyes [Soulmate AU headcanons] Cinderella [Dad! John Constantine x Reader/ Bart Allen x Reader Oct 11, 2013 · Papua New Guinea — a large island nation north of Australia — boasts a fast-growing economy and a rich natural resource base. Clare and Jean traveling to the north #2. Oh captain, my captain… Irene and Deneve; Teresa of the Faint Smile modern-AU. ” the world of MORTALE - a universe and series focused on vampire!bts, from their rebirth as a coven of fledgling monsters, to something more. o, headcanons (+Bakugou , +Kaminari⚡️) s. Quick Spooky AU doodles Posted at 10. -"Good, that means he won't stop me from killing you. It’s just how you interpret what you are told. " Anna almost choked on her soda as the familiar irritation interrupted her pleasant afternoon reverie. There are many different sub-versions of this AU that are worth googling. Search. i wish you good health and loads of happiness, for this year and many more years to come! thank you for sharing your light with us! please stay healthy and happy! vampire Pearlapidot AU, part 2/? Heheheh… kill me pls. An Out of Bounds Umbrella - college!au, basektball!au, Yoongi’s birthday fic 2019 Hope you like it! I don’t know that much about vampires and I don’t know which vampire-like traits you want, but I hope it fulfills your request! I didn’t include the need of blood because I feel it’s more for real vampires that people with vampire-like traits. RFA + Saeran + V taking MC on a picnic. Like beyond best friends, soul brothers. If you feel you might not have time for 7 fics or so then feel free to make just a bunch of headcanons or just make a mini thing about why you think they make a great couple! No being disrespectful to anyone else’s ships. The Quiet Place (AU!) New You. Throat Infection. Caffè Mocha . He treasured you greatly and treated you as such as well, taking care of most of the chores in the house and pampering you in massages and gifts. Friends - (Fem!reader) sfw; King and Queen - (Older! Noctis) *NSFW* Secret Lovers AU - *NSFW* Nightmare - (Older! Noctis) sfw; Accidental Love - *NSFW* Before the final showdown - headcanon, sfw; shy reader - sfw; Noctis Confesses to the Reader - sfw; Nyx Ulric . Apr 01, 2018 · Vampire headcanons With a clumsy S/O Reacting to their S/O wearing their hoodie With an S/O who is ALWAYS shy Reacting to S/O who lied about being sick Reacting to S/O asking them to get a job With male S/O that holds their hand and picks them up Tokyo Ghoul AU Headcanons When a Shy!S/O suddenly tells a dirty joke Headcannons: The ability to turn people into vampires is reduced as the bloodline is diluted. She saw the outline of Hans just to her right but refused to acknowledge it, instead deciding her phone had become the most interesting thing in the world. A father to five and a grandfather to two. Ran by SPoP City Press! Body Swap Headcanons . I had these ideas in my head and thought I would share. Vampire AU; Goatalicious and I on Mario Kart Haikyuu Headcanons 『ᴛʀᴀsʜ ʜᴇʀᴇ』 ˚ ₊⁎ Requests are open so feel free to comment them or message me ⁎⁺˳ ༚ ・:*+. Clare going back for Jean’s sword. Crystals and Gold. Aftermath Headcanons (everyone lives AU) Fugo Coming Out as Bisexual. Vampformers - Vampire Transformers au, mostly involving Drift and Rodimus. Klaus Mikaelson: Headcanons - Being Hopes twin sister/Relationship with Klaus. Also if y’all want to request anything from this list…. Tutoring Billy . Criminal Minds. headcanon that unlike the american red cross, vampires are grateful to receive blood donated by members of the lgbtqa+ community. SO is a year younger than Todoroki headcanons. Something steamy but nothing too vulgar (mild language too; I’m not a prude, I’m just more into romantic language). eddsworld eddsworld matt eddsworld headcanons 71 notes Jul 25th, 2016 Werewolf Bakugo, Yandere! Mermaid Shinso, Yandere! Dragon Kirishima, Yandere! Vampire Shoto, Yandere! Naga Iida, Yandere! Harpy Hawks and Yandere! Centaur Midoriya. London got the idea to personify his depression as a dog after ww1 and hearing Churchill calling it a black dog. -Kunikida needs hours just to take care of his teeth to make them as perfect as possible. AU: Fake Boyfriend. -You let out a gasp as your back hit the wall, coming face to face with an angry vampire, fangs blaring at you. You can request mythical creature headcanons for characters! For example - Werewolf!Gary being overprotective of his s/o! 7. ♡ Includes places they gravitate towards and countries they lived in, with their  23 Aug 2017 Anonymous said: May I please have domestic headcanons for vampire Hanzo? Answer: You sure may! I hope you like these~ - It would take  10 Aug 2019 BTS Vampire Headcanons For a fact, I've got endless vampire!AU themes inspirations, seven is definitely not enough to put together all I can  4 Jul 2019 Yandere Vampire AU. 🍋 nadia/m!mc, in the salon 🍋 ikemen vampire headcanon ikemen vampire headcanons otome le comte de saint germain ikevamp le comte leonardo da vinci ikevamp Au revoir, it was absolutely awful Summary: Office Au in which Jungkook is your best friend and collects items that have meaning until one day you realize his love for you. AU in which Armand turned Riccardo into a vampire and they’re literally like inseparable. For these headcanons, you’re in the same position as Yui. Good for her. ANYWAY, what I’m looking to do is write some AU ideas. Uni AU First Meet / Chocobros / SFW A Surprising Rock Concert / Chocobros Masterlist Class 1A Eijiro Kirishima Izuku Midoriya Katsuki Bakugou Mashirao Ojiro Denki Kaminari Koji Kouda Shouto Todoroki Tenya Iida Fumikage Tokoyami Mezou Shouji Hanta Sero Yuuga Aoyama Mina ♥♣ Cuddling headcanons Izuku Midoriya | Deku • Bus driver AU Tomura Shigaraki ♥ Headcanons with a chubby and sweet s/o who is immune to his quirk Toshinori Yagi | All Might •♥ Dance headcanons ♥♣ Cuddling headcanons Uraraka Ochako ♥♦ Ochako secretly loving Izuku and reacting to him dating you ♥♣ Cuddling headcanons More Vampire Au's^^: -Ranpo drinks blood only through straws. like omg her body guard and the vampire hunter princess were definitely my favorites, i Vampire AU/Angst/Smut Chen Reader (mentions of SHINee’s Key & Super Junior’s Donghae) Thanks to @heebiejbies for this amazing edit of Chen’s Tinted Lips, wow. Jean’s team. Bones . Angsty headcanons if MC loved someone else and Kamilah loved MC. Toshinori Yagi/All Might having a s/o with vampire-like traits Tomatt au where Matt is a vampire looking for someone to make a mirror he can use and Tom is a disgruntled blacksmith tomatt-headcanons THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE TOMATT AUS *Under construction* Here you will eventually find all AUs, headcanons, meta etc. - I  Brothel AU. 10 Vampire K-Dramas To Quench Your Blood-Thirst. Jul 23, 2015 · Here’s a few AU ideas and headcanons to freshen up your Vampire AU. Especially when you are a vampire. Their parents weren’t very well off and could never afford any treats, so they’d basically just pour whatever they had into a bowl and try their best to bake a cake for her. masquerade AU: who is the generous host of the ball? who is the mysterious guest? give one headcanon about you and your f/o’s relationship in this AU! vampire AU: who’s the secluded vampire? who’s the undaunted vampire hunter seeking them? give one headcanon about you and your f/o’s relationship in this AU! Listen I’m a sucker for vampire!keith ok bonus: [[MORE]] YES HERE THEY ARE . " The vampire growled, tightening-"We aren't together anymore. #omega-multiverse #ABO #Omegaverse #not my original headcanon #vampires #vampire ABO #ABO history #a/b/o headcannons #a/b/o headcanons #a/b/o #a/b/o dynamics #a/b/o verse #a/b/o au #Alphas #Alpha females #Alpha males #Alpha headcanons #Omega headcanons #ptp omegaverse #ptp verse #ptpverse headcanon (hed-can-un) noun. As long as they involve the reader. Older! Aug 10, 2019 · BTS Vampire Headcanons. headcanons. Gif reactions to how they hug. Eunhyuk Drabble: Being Tied Up. RFA + Saeran + V as MC’s college professors. 6k Curtis Brothers Headcanons Bullet Points - 49 Warnings - no Pairings - none, just curtis brothers This was kinda requested, but I’m just tryna help a sis out —– - darry tryna teach soda and pony drop a character/pair/group and a chapter title in my inbox for headcanon(s) send one to the person you reblogged this from • party: birthday headcanons • stitches: accident headcanons • the end: 'ello there ♪ This blog is fully dedicated to answer, post and reblog anything evolving around Ban and the NNT universe in general. The circumstance of the ambush will depend on the character, naturally – so let’s go! Characters: All of the current Ikemen Revolution suitors! Overall Rating: General. When he confronts his girlfriend about turning her into a vampire he’s not sure how she’s gonna react. Top vampire TV series to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime & other Streaming services, out on DVD/Blu-ray or on tv right now. Jin. How I Met Your Mother. -Agency!Dazai makes a cheesy scene of every drinking session, acting like he's the bad bad vampire and his victim some kind of virgin maiden. please give it a look through, and if you like it, please follow me! GEORGE WEASLEY. Originally posted by giantgyu. Jumin x Reader: too much, not enough. Faeformers - Faerie Transformers au with a story centered around Jack and June and their strange connection to these mysterious creatures. The clans are generally differentiated and set above bloodlines by their Aug 15, 2018 · Yo but like Vampire!AU for the boys though… Imagine dice’s cute lil fangs omg ded. They're muscular, beautiful, nigh god-like people, while MC's smaller, plumper, & more cute than possessing god-like beauty. smoke and storms (shaw) (nsfw) don’t (6/?); fem!reader, vampire!au, werewolf!au, love triangle!au (ft. ” Makoto didn’t know what made you stay with her, but the reason didn’t matter anymore. Meeting each other. ” - Fluff; V having a nightmare; V X Cara soulmate AU where people have matching tattoos; V walking in on his S/O masturbating - NS/FW Aug 20, 2019 · interesting au that changes up between friend dynamics. MC is a cousin/sibling of the RFA + Saeran + V + Vanderwood. In northern Germany, the superstitious called vampires “the Nachzehrer,” or “After - i think soda looks like a vampire already, maybe his hair would be darker but his face structure - he hisses - ponyboy is an intellectual vampire who doesn’t care about hunting for human blood, he lets soda do it for him - he will have a sports bottle that’s suPPOSED to be for water, but he has it filled with blood, mmmmm, yum yum A link to all headcanons (includes every ship of that fandom, as well as general headcanons that don’t involve a particular ship, but involve one or a group of characters) By ship. Gaius kidnaps MC - headcanons. Yesung Headcanons: Vampire. warnings ⚠️ smut, blood mentions, fangs kink. I DO — ☀︎ ↳ newlyweds!AU. AU where Brûlée dies and her sister Broyé takes her place- scenario Never could the lonely vampire have foretold that such a beautiful creature like you would enter his life, or that he would ever find the happiness most vampires could only dream of. Summary: Jin is usually the type of guy that can easily let things go. Here’s a list of headcanons or stories I have written. (This has been sitting in my notes for idk h Vampire!Levi Headcanons. 27 Apr 2020 - I'll write headcanons. Valentine. KyuTeuk Headcanons: Dating Them. Vampire Au, where they would bite, Headcanons My first thought: Kinky My second thought: Oh gods I will totally answer that! Prompto - He would hide it pretty well - Because he doesn’t really like it Sanguine AU a Pyrruby au where Pyrrha is a monster hunter who catches the vampire, Ruby. olitheveryconfused liked this #taeyeon #sn au #requested #headcanons #vampire!au #q - spooning with chanyeol #taeyeon scenario youxidol 4 days ago 8N I was reading through the masterlist and the bff blackvelvet headcanons made me curious about the intersection of the witch and vampire aus. 27. Hunters AU – A side blog created for the headcanons of an open AU of the anime Haikyuu!! The AU is created by @rin-amami, with the supports of @pkmnshippings, @musicprincess655, and @thequeenofships Mrs. TERFS / non-binary exclusionists and Ace/aro exclusionists DNI. My Headcanons for linked universe, (pretty much based off my ideas and the terrible fate fic I wrote) all the links have their little quirks from their adventures. Shido-Otome Author. Crush headcanons. janedoe876 asked: Vampire au 1) Frigga was the child of a Headcanons: General vampire AU headcanons, all major characters in the fic. Anonymous said: Scenario for M3: MC's parents arrive in Vesuvia. Seventeen as Benders (Avatar) Hogwarts!AU. - A believed idea or concept of a story that is conjured by a fan to fit in with or otherwise explain various aspects in the story. Some of these ships include OC’s of mine - all of these will have a * in front of it, so that if you’re not familiar with my OCS, you’re not confused by a SuJu Headcanons: First Time With Them. Vampire Keith We Wear Red (so they don’t see us bleed) Lance didn’t ask to be a teenage vampire slayer. I could possibly turn these into fics if yall want. Part 1 of Heathers AU's Headcanons; Language: English Words: 124 Chapters: 1 4. Goth! Light AU: Genderfluid (they/he) + Panromantic; Misa Amane: Bisexual (Male Preference) Adam First: Non-Binary (he/they) & Bisexual. 8. sick {draco x reader} easy road {draco x reader} wise {draco x reader} arrogant {draco x reader} piano {draco x reader} not yet {draco x reader} teasing {draco x reader} corrupted {draco x oc} ·carried bridal style by girlfriend || headcanons ·girlfriend saying ‘i love you’ for the first time || imagine headcanons ·vampire!futakuchi AU || imagine. Tumblr Posts: First Post 5 headcanons Fics: Sanguine: Pyrrha is a monster hunter, perhaps one of the best in Hellsing-AU of Claymore. 5. Namjoon Modern Day! AU/Imagine. So like Noctis and Gladio would be vampires and Ignis might be half vampire, but everyone else is just a vampire. Headcanon: They Take Care of You When You’re Sick. headcanon that unlike the american red cross, vampires are grateful to receive blood donated by members of the lgbtqa+ community. Mista. Tagging: @aikurone because this is your request! Fresh has a tendency to mess with Ink, especially when Ink goes blank. •Headcanons for Charlie x Alastor💞 •Message me for requests •Hate will be blocked! •Hazbin Hotel enthusiast •Artwork isn’t mine unless stated otherwise! But please do not harass me for these headcanons. vampire-food liked this We’ll have imagines, headcanons, preferences, and maybe a few drabbles here and there, so feel free to Let’s have a long chain of headcanons under that post servamp servamp quarantine au servamp headcanons mahiru shirota servamp kuro servamp lawless licht jekylland todoroki lawlicht fluff kuromahi servamp tsubaki watanuki sakuya servamp shamrock melancholy team misono alicein mikuni alicein c3 Kamiya Tsurugi kurumamori junichirou Tsukimitsu A headcanon blog dedicated to posting and creating headcanons that stay true to the canon information from the Drama CDs, Haunted Dark Bridal, and More Blood. Vampires are the ruling class, though secretly so. Aftermath Headcanons (everyone lives AU) Vampire S/O. Headcanon: Someone Else Hits on You. An omega drop does refer to a very sudden heat without any pre-heat symptoms or behaviors. In fact, due to their interest in human blood and bloodborne pathogens, the vampire community was among the first to fund medical research to study and search for a cure for HIV. Scenario: They Find You Crying in Your Room. V x Reader: thank you. There is also such a thing that the blood of a person who experiences good emotions is the most delicious. 28. Very short headcanons on Kamilah and MC proposing/marrying. Uesugi Kenshin M odern AU | Married Kenshin Modern AU | Married Kenshin II Modern AU | When Kenshin Meets MC Modern AU | MC’s Cooking Mordern AU | Husband Mode Modern AU | Fall Modern AU | Sleepy Modern AU | Texting Aug 27, 2017 · “Vampire or not, I love you and I’m not going to leave you. vampire au vampire!au vampire!levi  31 Jan 2020 Headcanons are things an individual believes about a series. Welcome to Tomatt Heaven! Feel free to send in headcanons, art, fanfics, or anything else!! Hector x vampire!male s/o? Maybe an au where the s/o saves him from Carmilla and then grants him immortality and they run an animal rescue in modern day? I'm weak for this au even though it's specific. So they treat Lapis very well, at first for the sake of gain and blood, and then slowly just realizes that they have become affected to the their “little pet”. Little Matchmaker. SO is constantly followed by villains and heroes headcanons. " You gasped out, making him smile as he gripped your throat tighter. What characters would like a chubby girl? Kurapika SFW and NSFW. lore/some headcanons. STEVE Oneshots. Scenarios can be sent via ask box. Fav Color: Blue and Black Food: Hamburgers and Curry and jjajangmyeon personal favorites series in progress series completed kim minseok; oneshots ↴ christmas surprise; gn!reader; fluff drabbles ↴ monster; gn!reader, demon!au, angst/comfort oral w/ minseok; ☁ Alice in the Country of Hearts, Joker, Clover, etc. Irene When She Cheats On Generally the connection between a vampire/founder and their soulmate will not kick in until their soulmate is born and will fade after their soulmate dies. Shows: NCIS. Chrollo angry sex headcanons . One Plus One. Headcanons / Imagines / Scenario-Realm Of Cards [Yandere! Blackpink] [Card / Royalty / Fantasy AU]-Yandere! Blackpink Kinks-Yandere! Blackpink when s/o tries to leave them-Yandere! Vampire! Rose Headcanons-Yandere! Nagin! Lisa Headcanons. I’ve decided to do some headcanons to try and get rid of my writers block, it’s really annoying and I’ve decided on doing headcanons and small drabbels for now to get back into working like I used to. 25. Keep the good job :D Soon, yes 5 weeks later, forgive me I love that game as well, so I’m glad that you requested it answering your question: I can write for ~5 characters in one post, and also yes I’m willing to write au’s, even though I’ve never tried that! Send me any ideas if ya want Headcanons; Yandere! Arthur Conan Doyle • Yandere Arthur went totally unnoticed at the beginning. Like all bloodlines, each clan has greater familiarity with a set of three Disciplines, a weakness largely unique to its members, and various stereotypes attributed to it as a result of a tendency to Embrace individuals with certain characteristics. One Word Prompt - “Celebration” Sick Reader - Nurse Elijah. Long Lost Second Chance. Vampire AU headcanons Relating to the Clack vampire AU I was actually writing, because I’m not really sure how I’m ever going to fit all the backstory into the fic. I love seeing people’s picrew art styles because you can just look at them and be like “You read homestuck and it was a big part of your life for a few years, you’re not into steven universe but you did watch it, and you had an intense black butler phase in middle school and doodled their eyes over and over again in your spiral notebooks” Vampire AU Literally Nobody Asked For Please take a minute to imagine higher-class people being either full-blooded or half-blooded vampires. She does a ton of work for a very athletic activity, and takes pride in that. Jun 15, 2020 · Headcanons. nightmare {george x reader} itch {george x reader} flu {george x reader} just friends {george x reader} thief {george weasley oneshot} squish {platonic! george x reader} handsome {george x ftm Dio: Vampire Squid Mermaid; I’ll come up with more ideas for more characters, but I’m open to suggestions and headcanons~ I’ll happily take any questions or suggestions for this AU~! I really hope you guys like it!-Reese Jun 15, 2020 · Headcanons. Relevant warnings will be posted if necessary. Bring It On: [SUMMER CAMP AU/ IT CROSSOVER] Some losers from Maine and nerds for Hawkin’s are about to battle it out summer camp style. Will it get in the way? Let Me Have This [LAST PEOPLE ON EARTH AU] News Profile: Arabella/Andrea Age: 23 Birthday: 5th January 1996 Height: 1. She/Her-Straight . Basic summary: Y/N leaves the clutches of that bitch Bakugo and ends up in the clutches of a vampire and then into the claws of a large puppy-like dragon. Alright so I thought about this too much and this is 100% happening in October. Headcanon: Their Pets. their exploration of what it is to be monstrous, to be human, to be real in a world where nothing is ever what the eye takes it to be - headcanon {platonic!fred x vampire reader} squash {platonic!fred x reader} aro fred headcanon; jealous {fred x oc} vampire {fred headcanons} DRACO MALFOY. It’s just what you think. It considered unusual for a vampire to meet, let alone be with, their human soulmate. Anyways we can come back to that Vampire thing in a minute. Clare and Yuma. Headcanons: Originally posted by ksjknj. The Originals. AUs that are focused on a particular set of characters. Ana. A man who loved his job, the beach, and his family. I’m gonna write some spoopy imagines and headcanons for all of them as vampires 狼 Jan 05, 2017 · Vinsmoke siblings in highschool AU please I hope you re post the vinsmoke hcs soon, I love your write and I’m really looking forward the then. Headcanon; Summary. Little Katakuri and Broyé visiting Brûlée at the hospital, shortly after she got her scar- scenario. Note that if you destroy all the eggs here using Igni, a kikimore warrior will appear as well that you must kill. Please indulge in this fandom with me. Also these could go both ways, like actually cute or straight up yandere. o Vampire Ignis - sfw; Noctis Lucis Caelum. But in AUs where a heat doesn’t exist or exists outside of the norm, an omega drop is when an omega does become submissive at the words of an alpha leading to a heat-like trance. By Alison Caporimo. Submissions are welcome, but are subject to review. AUs in which the characters are replaced with real people. Merformers - Mermaid Transformer au involving Optimus’ pod and their relationship with a team of marine biologists. Note: This masterlist follows an Ticklishness headcanons; Sleeping headcanons; Sombra headcanons; Sombra relationship headcanons; Sombra friendship headcanons; Friendship headcanons; Domestic headcanons; Finding a dragon egg; Symmphony headcanons; Vampire!Lúcio; Karaoke; Talon agents interacting with a young child; Reaper and Gabriel being separate people; Reaper76 Fake MORTALE — “we make art out of accidents. Naughty nurse · Orgasm denial headcanons Pet Cyborg AU Headcanons · BDSM Party headcanons Getting on your nerves · Vampire AU. They just get each other. Body Swap Headcanons. 1. Read Vampire AU from the story Haikyuu Randomness by TsukkiBae (Hiatus) with 1,466 reads. eddsworld headcanons 3,248 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘vampireau’ hashtag #yuri on ice #yuri on ice headcanons #vikturi #viktuuri #victuri #parents au #victuuri #yoi headcanons #mod jack #Anonymous We’re looking for mods again! So me and the other mod arent quite as active on this blog as we should be just cause Life (though i’m working to rectify that), so we’re looking for another mod to help us out and post vampires who go to college for a history degree b/c they weren't paying attention and want to know BoRhap Boys as your Vampire Boyfriend Headcanons. Highschool AU- headcanon. I started out just lurking on other people’s work to satisfy my hunger for 2D men, but now I’ve finally decided to create my own. she has long, curly brown hair that she does not brush or comb. Part one is . Finally - *NSFW* Instincts - Part 2 ecco and jeremiah from my gotham halloween au (aka “oops! all monsters”) + some headcanons under the cut. Keith didn’t ask to be a teenage vampire-with-a-soul. -"Look what we have here, Seth's girlfriend. Of course he really wants to her to be a vampire like him but if she says no then he’ll drop it. (vore!AU) V x Reader: a photoshot. First Meeting; Christmas Party. (For those of you who don’t know what AU means - it’s alternative universe - basically, imagine if my usual characters weren’t their usual selves E. Even he doesn’t know when his birthday is. Reply Eventually, the Hunter confronts Finn and he admits that he is a vampire; Now scared of him, the Hunter decides to go back to Lunaris, figuring an arranged marriage could not possibly be worse than living with a vampire; Unbeknownst to them, Finn and the Hunter have fallen madly for each other masquerade AU: who is the generous host of the ball? who is the mysterious guest? give one headcanon about you and your f/o’s relationship in this AU! vampire AU: who’s the secluded vampire? who’s the undaunted vampire hunter seeking them? give one headcanon about you and your f/o’s relationship in this AU! Zenko Headcanon #4. reactions/headcanons/fake texts/snaps ↴ when their non-Korean s/o is insecure about their accent when their s/o cooks and brings food to them during practice when you tell them you used to be suicidal (tw) — Imagines And Headcanons For All. o comes from a long line of heros in America, headcanons (+ Todoroki ️, + Bakugou ) can’t look his crush in the eye after fantasizing about them, headcanons (+ Bakugou , + Tamaki ) Ikesen stuff Masterlist! I post random ikesen stuff!^_^! Match ups, selfie matchups and HC's are OPEN so feel free to ask :) current number of requests (27) if ya unsure what to send just checkout the guidelines by searching #guidelines I love reposting SUBMISSION FOR ELSANNA HEADCANONS "Hey. Ask me anything. Even though he graduated from Universitatea Babes-Bolyai with a dual Masters in Precision production and Human services, he elected to stay and contribute to his family’s several businesses. Gif Imagines. Headcanons - Dating Klaus Mikaelson Au where bakugou is a vampire and wants to turn his gf into one as well. RFA + Saeran + V comforting Dancer!MC who messed up on stage. Liam x MC: Angsty AU with ruthless King About your event: demon and vampire AU, character: Zen Here you go sweetie “I’m a succubus and your a vampire and i can’t leave till i’ve consumed your soul , which you have a lack of, so I guess we’re gonna be stuck here for a long time. FFXV Characters Playing World of Warcraft / Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / SFW Chocobros in a Finnish Sauna / Chocobros x Reader / NSFW-ish Meeting Your Pets / Chocobros + Ravus x Reader / SFW Chocbros Reacting To Your Hiccups / Chocobros x Reader / SFW Scenarios. Scenarios, written + gif reactions, fake texts/snaps, headcanons, fanfics. Eunhyuk Headcanons: Falling For Each Other After A One Night Stand. Sugar Daddy AU and headcanons absolutely no one asked for. ). 70m or 5´6. He’s Made it to 40 150+ posts, so I thought I’d make it easier to find things on my blog for my mobile readers! This will be edited as I make more posts in the future. Let's just say that I could kill you right now if I wanted to. The Vampire Diaries. You can request poly relationship headcanons! For example: HeatherxReaderxVelvet. imagine if they were in university, room mates, based off TV shows like Supernatural etc. I finally got around to reorganizing my masterlist of things, and now I decided to be a dummy and compile them VIA what I wrote (fics, headcanons, High School AU (LoV) Marriage Headcanons (LoV) Dealing with a cockroach (LoV) Instagram (LoV) Fall Aesthetic Headcanons (LoV) Drunk Headcanons (LoV) LoV as Memes. It started as a household tradition when Badd was younger and Zenko was barely a toddler. Stephic Writings -- Headcanons Masterpost OKAY. vampire au headcanons

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